[C++] Project Structure

HOME/client/vietcombank/include : contains a specific client.h
HOME/client/citibank/include : contains a specific client.h
HOME/include : contains common header files (*.h)
HOME/src : contains common sources (*.cpp)

1. Client’s configurations

  • Configurations for each clients should be put in a particular “client.h” and under a particular folder. Let’s assump, we have 2 big clients : google and facebook.
  • In this header file, we’ll define macros

2. Common header files


3. Common sources


3.1 Banking Functionalities

3.2 Insurance Functionalities

4. main.cpp


Additional Notes

Advantage of using “#ifndef, #define, #endif” in header file

  • This is called “Fileguards” as a protection to avoid cross duplidated when many sources include this .h file.

Advantage of using namespace

  • If we deploy this software to a client who is both BANKING and INSURANCE, then we’ll face a compile error “void __cdecl initialize(void)” (?initialize@@YAXXZ) already defined in banking_funcs.obj” due to name collision of func initialize().
  • We could resolve it by renaming the func, or you could use namspace concept.
  • In insurance_funcs.cpp(.h), we’ll wrap functions with namespace insurance.
  • In the cpp file, service_insurance.cpp, we’ll add “using namespace insurance;” after the include of #include “insurance_funcs.h”. In this case, after “#include “service_insurance.h””
  • Or we could preface the namespace before the API call
  • Now, let’s see the result 😋




“Developer never die” 😎🇻🇳

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“Developer never die” 😎🇻🇳

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